Duplicity the twister plot

Saw the film Duplicity recently – a good film, although not quite in the category of writer/director Tony Gilroy’s Michael Clayton.  I enjoy watching Clive Owen so much that I will go to anything he appears in – although I am still most haunted by his role in the dystopian and rivetting Children of Men.   He plays baffled intelligence and humorous British sex appeal very well – and fits our times in a way that is hard to describe.  For a good article about Duplicity, read D. T. Max’s “Twister” in the New Yorker of March 16, 2009, about director Gilroy.  But be warned – the article makes only partial sense if you have not seen the film.  Gilroy does great time shifts, and his use of a repeat dialogue scene (4 times, by my recollection, each of them with a different meaning – and each of them giving the film a different perspective) between Clive Owen and Julia Roberts is already entering the world of film legend.


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