Appearing each week on 99.3FM North Shore Sydney

I continue my radio interviews on Sydney’s north shore community radio station 99.3FM, now each Wednesday afternoon at 3.00pm (or a few minutes later), as part of the “Il Mondo Cafe” with Mark Lumley.  My segment is now called “Holy Hollywood”.  Each week I review what has been “hot” at the Australian box office during the previous week (hint: Inglourious Basterds won the box office stakes in Australia last week, hands down, beating Taking of Pelham 1,2,3. Taking Woodstock opened very poorly (19th place!).  I then cover what’s opening this week – yesterday I discussed the Israeli Film Festival.  And then we do a film trivia quiz, with prizes for the first two callers to get it right. This week was an easy one: “What Woody Allen film won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1977?” (Last week was “who is Isador Danielovich Demsky” in real life – i.e. what is his name that we know hims as; hint: he has a son also an actor, he’s Jewish and …).

If you are not on the north shore of Sydney, you can still listen to my segments live throught the station’s website  (note you will need a “plug in” to do this, or preferably download the VLC “universal player” and listen that way).  In case you want to listen live, 3.00pm Weds in Sydney is:

– 7.00am Weds in Amsterdam and London

– 8.00am Weds in Tel Aviv

– 1.00am Weds in New York and Boston

– 10.00pm Tuesday in San Francisco

(at least until Sydney goes on to daylight savings time in about 6 weeks).

Each week I will post a summary of the week’s film discussion.


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