Morning Glory: New Jersey movies take 33

Again, for fans and afcionados of New Jersey film: about the first ten minutes of the new film Morning Glory are set in New Jersey, with our heroine Becky Fuller (played by Rachel McAdams) a producer for a morning television show “Good Morning New Jersey” in the opening scenes – for a local TV station which appears to be located not far from Asbury Park.  Uncertain as to if those scenes were actually shot in New Jersey, but Becky follows the dreams of many before her and crosses the Hudson River (in this case on a ferry, apparently from Jersey City, but my geography could be a bit wrong here) when she lands a great new job (after being ingnominously fired from her New Jersey one) as an executive producer with an under-performing TV network based in Manhattan.  What comes next is authority (she fires a badly performing presenter and makes characters played by Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford shape up, albeit painfully, and convinces the Jeff Goldblum character to keep her show on air) and even a boyfriend.  Just going to show us who grew up in New Jersey again that New York is the key to all success.


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