Broadband in Australia part 1

Here we go.  I live in an upper middle class suburb of Sydney and recent upgraded my ADSL Telstra service, technically to 20 megabits/second (mbs).  Except, guess what:  the Telstra people tell me that because of my distance from the nearest Telstra exchange I won’t be able to get more than about 6 mbs.  My modem tells me we are running about 5.1mbs and one of those websites that tells you the speed of your connection comes in at about 4.5mbs.  That’s the best we can expect.  We have fibre running past our home, but that’s our limit.  So much for the fast networked digital economy in Australia.  We have an awfully long way to go, so don’t expect that new digital frontier of unlimited downloads and the Internet replacing the TV (see previous post) to arrive any time soon.


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