Digital world message for Australia: you are lagging!

Here is a digital world message for Australia:  you are lagging!  I am currently in temporary residence in New York City, and here’s two examples of what I have found:

– Our local internet (cable) service gives us 144 mbs, even through a low-cost wireless router, unlimited down and upload.  The best I ever saw in Australia was 100mbs and that was the very best.  Has anyone ever seen better than 100 in Australia?

– Netflix costs $7.99/month for unlimited viewings of movies, TV, etc.  Not all films are on their streaming system, so for an additional $7.99/month you can get unlimited DVDs sent to your home.  No wonder the only DVD shops I have seen are, as they say, of the “erotic” or “adult” sort.  Goodbye DVD shops, Australia.  The question is only a matter of when, not if.  (Cancel at any time, no expensive long-term plans.)

Australia’s broadband in the cities (even!) will continue to retard economic growth and development when people are struggling with high fees and low download speeds, even in upper-income suburbs.

To be continued ….


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