Digital inclusion resources – Dr Tim Williams on video

Australia has a limited collection of resources on digital inclusion.  The two best locations are the Melbourne-based community organisation Infoxchange – their Digital Inclusion website (especially see their “Reports” page – and my upcoming separate post which discusses the work of this organisation and its founder Andrew Mahar), and the growing collection of materials prepared by Dr Tim Williams.  Williams is a Welsh-born British consultant who has lived in Australia since late 2010, and who has undertaken work for the company Huawei as well as a number of other organisations.  The best Tim Williams resources are:

– his original report for Huawei, entitled Connecting Communities:  The Impact on Broadband on Communities in the UK and Its Implications for Australia

slides of his presentation to the International Association for Public Participation conference in Sydney in October 2011, presentation entitled “Public Participation in the Digital Era” (note PDF 6mg file)

– his summary of the August 17, 2011 digital inclusion conference, held in Canberra – entitled A Fair Go for All in the Digital Era:  Towards a Digital Inclusion Roadmap (note:  PDF document).

– the Huawei Australia YouTube channel has a number of videos of Williams, including some interviews.  The most interesting of these is his complete half-hour speech to the National Press Club in Canberra in February 2011 when launching the “Connecting Communities” report; you can watch this by clicking below:


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