In memory of Anne Dunn

Today brought the sad news the Dr Anne Dunn, formerly of ABC Radio and most recently a professor of media and journalism at the University of Sydney, has passed away.  Click here for the tribute at the University of Sydney website.

I knew Anne in two contexts:  I worked closely with her when we were both at the ABC, and then I came across her a number of times in her new academic role.  Anne is only one of three people I know who left the ABC to undertake an academic career, and the only other person (other than me) who completed her PhD in media post-ABC.  She was certainly the most successful former ABC staffer to work in the field of academia, probably in Australia’s history.  Anne became, although I don’t think she ever knew it, something of a role model and a beacon for me.  When Anne left the ABC, she first taught at Charles Sturt University at Bathurst, then the University of Western Sydney and finally made the move fully east to the University of Sydney.

Anne was a highly accomplished academic and a deep thinking media personality, generous with her ideas and a true leader.  At a crucial time of my career (in the late 1990s) post-ABC, she provided helpful and non-judgmental advice and ideas.

She leaves behind a devoted family and scores of friends and colleagues who all, like me, mourn her passing at much too young an age.


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