The Great Gatsby Watch down under, part 4

Here is the fourth installment in my monitoring the results of the release of the film “The Great Gatsby” here in Australia.

In the June 1-2, 2013 The Sydney Morning Herald weekend “Spectrum”, book columnist Susan Wyndham reports that release of the film of The Great Gatsby has:

Created ‘a huge sales bonanza’ for the novel, and Scribner (in the USA) is selling more than 100,000 print and e-book copies a week.  Although Gatsby is out of copyright and many publishers have a version, Scribner was Fitzgerald’s publisher in 1925 and has a ‘heritage’ edition with the original cover and a movie tie-in edition appealing to different markets.

She goes on to describe what is happening in Australia, where Nielsen BookScan reports that, “From January to mid-March of this year (2013), average combined sales of 10 editions of The Great Gatsby … were about 750 a week.  Since April 21, average combined sales have risen to about 3200 copies a week.”

What’s next?  Hemingway?  Luhrmann does The Old Man and the Sea?The Great Gatsby book cover blue


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