Journalism in the digital age rapidly evolves – latest insights in Australia

There is possibly nobody else in Australia who has tried to monitor, capture and report on the changing nature of journalism in the digital age than Margaret Simons. A veteran journalist (The Age, The Australian), for some years she lectured in journalism at Swinburne University of Technology and is now director of the Centre for Advanced Journalism at the University of Melbourne.

She also founded and continues as the guiding light of The Public Interest Journalism Foundation (declaration: I am on the Foundation’s Board – I believe strongly in its mission), an organisation that “promotes and enables innovation in public interest journalism”.

Simons’ latest book (as editor) – What’s Next in Journalism? New-media entrepreneurs tell their stories (Scribe) has just been published, and is as definitive as snapshot as you can get – in print, no less – on the rapidly evolving digital media landscape. With a genuine explosion of material on this topic, the big value of What’s Next in Journalism is that it encapsulates what’s happening here in Australia, all within a globally aware context.

Here is an extract from the book.

And while you are on the Public Interest Journalism Foundation website, have a look at a well-written blog post by Dr Tim Senior, a General Practitioner who works in Aboriginal health, who responds to an outstanding recent public lecture by Katharine Viner at University of Melbourne last month (October) entitled, “The rise of the reader: journalism in the age of the open web”.

Whats Next in Journalism book cover


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