What I learned about life from the movies in 2013

I am sometimes accused of seeing life through the prism of the movies.  But don’t we all see it that way?

Well, I have seen a lot of movies in 2013 and learned a whole lot about life.  Here, in short, is what I learned from going to the movies in 2013:

In outer space, no one can hear you scream.

Heterosexuals get AIDS too.

Tom Hanks is a mensch.

Hobbits are native to New Zealand.

Kevin Costner is a mensch.

Athletic women shooting arrows are sexy and spark revolutions.

The next war will be fought by 12 year old videogamers.

Magicians make the best bank robbers.

There is no colour in the state of Nebraska.

The White House and Capitol buildings in Washington DC are very vulnerable to attack.

Older uneducated white guys who are salesmen know more than young tech heads about life and business.

San Francisco and New York at nice places to live if you’re rich.

Chasing volcanoes is next cool thing.

Love conquers all.

Richard Nixon was a bigot.

The American political system in the 20th century was built on the backs of uncomplaining black men.

It’s hard to kill a zombie.

The intellectual centre of the universe is Brooklyn.

Mary Poppins was Australian.

Jews were persecuted by the Nazis, but life was tough for little German girls too.

Walt Disney had extraordinary emotional intelligence and counselling skills.

Slavery was hell.

The Japanese mistreated Allied prisoners of war during World War II.

Cocaine users make lots of money and have loads of fun.

Some of the best music comes from dreary and depressing movies.

Complicated comb-overs are sexy.

The Catholic Church mistreated young mothers.

Some of the best American actors aren’t actually American at all.

All romantic relationships, no matter how amazing they are at the beginning, devolve into petty bickering.

I am not the only person in the world who loves my computer’s operating system.

When driving from Long Island to New York City, you pass through an industrial part of Rozelle, in Sydney’s Inner West.

Sound Stage 2, Warner Brothers studio


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