New South Wales second largest state by number of gaming machines

According to the Gaming Technologies Association March 2014 report (p. 7, note – PDF document), the state of New South Wales (where I live) has the second largest number of “gambling machines” of any “state” in the world (95,799) – second only to Nevada, USA (181,109). In country terms, Australia is sixth (with 198,418) – following Japan, the USA, Italy, Germany and Spain. As you can see, half of these Australian machines are in NSW, and you have to discount Japan because their large number of machines there are actually for “play” and not money.

Australia is yet again “punching above its weight” (as we like to say) in gaming machines – nationally, clearly we have more machines per capita than any other country of the world, and NSW increases that yet again.

These figures were all highlighted in the most recent issue of Time magazine (page 8 of my edition: April 7, 2014).

I am wondering if this is something to be proud of, considering how problem gambling can be a significant contributor to financial hardship and financial distress?


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