ABC the most trusted institution in Australia

A January 20th report from Crikey notes that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is Australia’s “most trusted major institution” – and this is despite “an ongoing campaign by the Coalition and News Corporation to undermine it”.

The numbers according to Crikey:

  • 53% say that they “have some or a lot of trust in the ABC”.
  • This is the “same level of trust as the High Court” of Australia, although the ABC slightly betters the High Count, because 20% “have a lot of trust in the ABC”, which compares to 17% “a lot” for the High Court. In other words, the ABC’s trust is marginally stronger in feeling.
  • The previous figures: in July 2013, 54% trusted the ABC and 57% the High Court.
  • “The Reserve Bank continues to be the third most trusted institution”, at 49%.
  • At the bottom of the scale: the least trusted Australian “institutions are political parties (14%), religious organisations (22%), business groups and trade unions (23%)”.

A fascinating insight as to what the Australian public really things, and not just the editorial writers of major newspapers.


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