Ted the Movie trailer

June 3, 2012

Here’s proof:  a great trailer can drum up business in a movie.  Have you seen the Ted movie trailer (an R-rated comedy releasing on 13 July 2012, both in North America and Australia)?  Apparently, it has gone viral.  A triumph of marketing.

There are a number of different versions out there, but this is my favourite; love the part where the Mark Wahlberg character runs through the list of woman’s names (pay attention particularly from the 2′ mark).

There is also a “restricted” (over 18 version) without that scene, but honestly I don’t see why it is 18+.  Look for yourself.  Her’s another version:

Eugene Levy as Dr Allan Pearl in Waiting for Guffman

June 9, 2011

When you have an unusual surname like mine – Perlgut – it is a bit of thrill to find it reflected in popular culture.  And here is the only feature film I have found it so far:  Dr. Allan Pearl, a Jewish dentist played by Eugene Levy in the film Waiting for Guffman (directed by Christopher Guest, 1996) refers to his “grandfather Chaim Perlgut”, and shows a photo.  My guess is that Levy, who is originally from Chicago, is a probably Perlgut relative – from the Chicago branch of the family.  View the clip below:

Grand Rapids celebrates through the words of Don McLean

June 5, 2011

According to Youtube, I am the 2,323,052nd person to watch this video clip, so I certainly cannot claim any scoop here.  But it’s great:  a 9’49” “lip sync” to Don McLean’s “American Pie” song.  It’s all one take, and wanders the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan with various people and groups (including football teams, policemen and the fire department) all singing the song.  McLean’s words thrill as always, but there is something deeply touching about this:  the care, the technical expertise, the extraordinary pre-production that was required and the (obvious) money and organisational skills that were involved.  The background is that Grand Rapids, Michigan – a metropolitan area of some 775,000 people and the second largest city in the state (after Detroit) – suffers from severe economic problems, like the rest of Michigan.  This, of course, is due to the decline in the “big three” US automotive companies.  In January 2011, Newsweek notoriously named Grand Rapids as one of the ten “most dying cities in America”.  And here is a useful June 3rd background short article on Grand Rapids by GR-born journalist Jef Otte.

Johnny Walker amazing ad

July 31, 2010

There is an amazing Johnny Walker ad – almost a year old, but I just found it – one long take of about six minutes.  It’s called “The Man Who Walked Around the World”, stars Robert Carlyle, directed by Jamie Rafn, written by Justin Moore and Mick Mahoney, and was filmed in Inverlochlarig, Perthshire, Scotland.  This is one neat bit of film-making.

Click on it below to watch: