Australian sunset series-1

August 19, 2018

Australian sunsets in winter – especially dry and windy winter days – can be stunning. Here’s a selection.

New York imagery continues to captivate Sydney-siders

October 4, 2016

Images of New York City continue to captivate Sydney residents.  It is, without doubt, the one city in the world that is most referred to here in Sydney, except for Sydney itself (which has a bit of a thing about itself).  Paris and San Francisco come next, with London a distant fourth.

The latest manifestation of this New York fascination came a few weeks ago with the department store David Jone’s “spring look”.  They even went to New York City to shoot their models on some odd rooftop.

We’ve been here before:  in July 2014 David Jones featured New York City, as my post at that time shows.

Three samples below:

from their window:


from their magazine:

img_6468and from some outdoor advertising on Castlereagh Street, Sydney, close to Sydney CBD store:



Photography with the iPhone 6

September 23, 2016

Apple is making a big deal about how well their iPhone 6 can take photographs.  The latest I have seen is in the photograph below, which I took in Sydney’s Town Hall railway station … yes, appropriately with the iPhone 6.


Hawkesbury River

June 2, 2016

Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney on 31 May 2016:

Hawkesbury River

Art shots, Bali December 2014

January 5, 2015

mineral water Seminyakmineral water, Seminyak

lilypads Ubudlilypads, Ubud

 Bali door Dec2015door, Seminyak

rice fields Bali Dec2015rice fields

Time Passing: May 2014

May 28, 2014

The month of May 2014 is coming to an end, never to be experienced again.

I suspect that I am not the only person who collects colourful picture paper calendars that mark the passage of time. My daily workplace currently has five, most of which seem to have some identification with the actual month. What these calendars show, and where they are from, tells a fair bit about me, about the images that I want to see during the day and about the choices that colour picture calendar producers make.

So here are the photos that I have been staring at during the past month:

From my “New York 2014” calendar: “The Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, with the Manhattan skyline in the background”, appears to be at sunrise, as the photo is, I believe, facing east.

May 2014 NY calendar

From my “New England 2014” calendar: “Marina in a cover in Chatham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts” – a bright sunny day with lots of small sailboats at a dock and on a beach.

May 2014 New England calendar

From my “Dartmouth College 2014” calendar: The “Bauner special collection library”.

May 2014 Dartmouth calendar

From my National Rural Health Alliance 2014 calendar: a helicopter and motorcycle cattle drive in the dry Pilbara remote region of Western Australia.

May 2014 NRHA calendar

From my San Francisco 2014 calendar: Golden Gate Park.

May 2014 San Francisco calendar

More New Jersey uniqueness

February 10, 2014

I still wonder what it is about those of us who grew up in New Jersey:  some odd combination of “New Jersey pride” and defensiveness.  We love it, are affectionate to its foibles (even to the “armpit of the nation” references) and can’t stop seeking reassurance.  I don’t sense that from any other state in the east coast of the USA – or anywhere else, for that matter.   Perhaps New York and California (and now Texas and wherever else) are way too confident to stoop to what we former New Jerseyans do to prove to ourselves and the world (but mostly, I suspect to ourselves) that our childhoods were valid, were actually exciting and were somehow romantic.

The latest – and genuinely very interesting “isn’t New Jersey cool” websites are located on “Movoto”, a real estate sales and blog site (to figure).  There are four sets of photos that are worth checking out:

– The 29 greatest moments in New Jersey history

– The 22 maps of New Jersey they never showed you in school (From map number 5:  Did you know that New Jersey apparently is the only place in the USA where they/we call the night before Hallowe’en “mischief night”?  I didn’t.)

– The 13 maps the conclusively prove that North Jersey is better than South Jersey (and I did not know anyone cared – but they do)

– The 33 photos that will make you remember why you love New Jersey (well, they didn’t do it for me, but they very pretty nevertheless)

New Jersey postcard