The Case for Analogue Public Relations

July 28, 2013

The digital world has become so pervasive that we have lost touch with real life experiences.  The same goes for public relations.

Earlier this week, I received a neat package in the mail, containing a box that had two packages of “Skittles” (both since eaten) and an old-fashioned stereoscopic viewer, all of it a promotion for the new Australian “Movietimes” comparison movie booking website.  The promotions company involved – the Taboo Group, based in Melbourne – has been targeting Australian bloggers, as a means of promoting the service.  Here is a photo (without the now eaten candy):

Movietimes photo

Well, I was charmed, and thus here (above) is my link.  It has been an awfully long time since I have received an “analogue” (actually, what I mean to say is “physical”) promotion in the mail.  I used to receive a number of them in my role as a film critic for The Australian Jewish News, but in our hyper-digital world, these have dropped away.

My favourite was a t-shirt some years ago that promoted a theatrical re-release of the (now classic) film Apocalypse Now.  It had brown writing on an off-white t-shirt, and I remember wearing it so much that I finally wore it out.  And I had loads – and I mean truly loads – of comments about the shirt.  Mostly along the lines of, “Wow, where did you get that shirt?”  To which I explained that I was a film critic and the distributor sent me a copy because of the re-release.

Apocalypse Now poster

Cost of the “Movietimes” package – probably not much.  Cost of the t-shirt:  again, surely less than $10.  Impact?  Tremendous.

So when we continue our fancy digital promotions, remember that there’s nothing like some true “experiential” PR, the t-shirt, the candy, the physical object that we see, touch, feel and taste.